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Bella's Italian Bistro Phone nr: 01621 782 686

Bella’s Italian Bistro ~Party Menu~

Menu available for parties of 12 and over only 


Bella’s Antipasti

Prosciutto, speck, salami, mixed olives, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella & mini Bruschetta

Fritto Misto

Lightly battered king prawns, calamari, whitebait, artichoke, peppers & courgette served with spicy tartar sauce

Bruschetta con Funghi “Trifolati”

Mushrooms on baked flatbread

Gamberoni All’Aglio

King prawns in garlic, chilli and fresh tomato sauce

Provola in Carrozza

Smoked Italian cheese in breadcrumbs lightly fried, salsa picante & rocket


Pollo Alla Milanese

Tenderised breast of chicken in breadcrumbs served with spaghetti Bolognese

Bella’s Bistecca di Salmone

Grilled salmon steak served with sauté broccoli & Tuscan potatoes

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Spaghetti pasta cooked with Italian smoked pancetta, cream & parmesan

Bella’s Risotto (VG) 

                                            Risotto with sliced artichoke, peppers, aubergine, courgettes and tomatoes

Risotto di Pollo E Salsiccia

 Risotto with chicken, spicy Italian sausage, peppers, tomato and basil

Spaghetti Marinara

Spaghetti cooked with white wine, garlic, tomato sauce, touch of chilli and a lovely selection of seafood


Profiteroles Scuro e Bianco

Soft choux pastry filled with Chantilly & hazelnut cream and covered in chocolate cream.
Delizia Ricotta E Pere

Light ricotta cream with pear pieces in-between hazelnut biscuit sponge dusted with icing sugar.

Crostata Frutti di Bosco

Shortcrust pastry filled with Chantilly cream and topped with a variety of delicious wild berries, dusted with icing sugar.
Casareccia Crema e Mele

Homemade cake filled with apple pieces and crème patisserie.
Crostata Cioccolato

Shortcrust pastry filled with chocolate cream, topped with nuts and icing sugar, served with fresh cream

Panna Cotta

A traditional Italian cooked cream dessert served with fruit coulis. 

Trio of Italian Ice Creams

(Vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, banana, pistachio & coconut)


Two Courses £ 19.95      Three Courses £23.95